Dan (muchtooarrogant) wrote,

Note to Random Visitors

Hi there, and welcome to Aimless Ramblings. Why not sit down, take your shoes off, and relax for a while? I know, you're just casing the place, but come on around to the back yard where I'm probably hanging out, and ask me for a drink. Chances are, I'll pour you one.

Hey, even if you're not thirsty, I hope you'll consider writing me a little note that tells me why you dropped by. I know, it's probably because you heard me jabbering away on one of our mutual friend's pages, but which friend?

Take care, and, oh yeah, if you're not coming around to the back, would you roll down the trash can for me? Tomorrow's trash day, and I forget to do it half the time. The can's behind that trelace by the garage. Thanks.

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